MCH-1000(m) | Compact Unit

MCH-1000(m) | Compact Unit

MCH-1000(m) | Compact Unit

MCH-1000(m) | Compact Unit

Simply Powerful.

The CardioQuip MCH-1000(m) delivers full-size cooler-heater performance in a compact footprint. Featuring a digital touchscreen, precision temperature controls, and modular customization, the MCH-1000(m) delivers the performance your patient needs and the simplicity you desire.


  • Best-in-class cooler-heater performance

  • Compact footprint

  • Low current mode allows for ease of transport

  • Simplified cleaning

  • 2.5 gal (9.5 L) insulated, valved cold water tank keeps ice cold

  • 1600W of heat offers more efficient rewarming.

  • Patented Adaptive Temperature Control accurately maintains the set temps with minimal operator intervention.

Modules and accessories include the optional Thermo-Electric Cooling Module which adds cooling ability and the all-new MiniCart, a stainless steel cart to transport your MCH-1000(m). 


MCH-1000(m) Specifications

Dimensions (LxWxH) 19x9x16 in (48x23x41 cm)
Weight (empty/full/max) 45 lbs (20 kg) / 65 lbs (29kg) / 76 lbs (34 kg)
Water Capacity (min/max) 1 gal (3.8L) / 2.5 gal (9.5 L)
Cooling Medium Ice (Optional: Thermo-Electric Cooling Module)
Water Path Single
Maximum Flow Rate (high/low) 20/14 lpm (5.3/3.7 GPM)
Maximum Pressure 83 kPa/ 12 psi (closed loop, blocked flow)
Water Connections Quick-connect, no-spill, two-way shutoff fittings. Hose kit included.
Temperature Control CRange 0-42°C Accuracy ±0.5°C, Setting 0.1°
Power Consumption Max Peak 1900W, Typ <1740W
Electrical 115 VAC/ 60Hz, 16A (Class 1 equipment per UL 544)
230 VAC/ 50Hz, 9A (Class 1, Type BF equipment per UL 2601-1)
Operating Environment 5-40°C, 0-90% humidity

Available Modules and Accessories for MCH-1000(m)

2018 Minicart with m WEB.png

MiniCart  |  MIN-11CRT

CardioQuip's lightweight stainless steel MiniCart is designed to increase the portability of your MCH-1000(m) compact unit. The MiniCart is fully customizable to suit your specific needs. 

  • Designed to transport MCH-1000(m)

  • Small footprint, easy to maneuver

  • Fully adjustable sliding shelf that locks into place

  • Medical Grade Casters

  • Dual Adjustable height infusion poles

  • Made in USA

TEC Module.png

Thermo-Electric Cooling (TEC) Module  |  MCH-11TEC

Want to prolong the life of your ice? The Thermoelectric Cooling (TEC) Lid Module replaces the lid on the MCH-1000(m) and provides 100W of thermoelectric cooling power. 
An average patient at rest gives off about 100W of heat, so we designed the TEC Module to provide 100W of cooling to increase your cooling efficiency.

MCH on wheels screen.png

Wheelset Option  |  MCH-11WSO

Need to move your mini around? Add portability to the MCH-1000(m) with the Wheelset Option module. The wheelset option features fully lockable medical grade casters mounted on a stainless steel frame.

Dripless Anti-Microbial (DAM) Hose Kit  |  MCH-11DAM

In today's perfusion climate, maintaining water quality in the OR is critical. We introduced the Dripless Anti-Microbial Hose Kit to offer a clean and safe way to keep cooler-heater water away from the OR environment. Dripless Connectors at both ends prevent water leakage and Silver-impregnated antimicrobial PVC tubing resists biofilm formation. 

Communications Module | MCH-11COM

Provides RS-232 or ethernet communications capability to export cooler-heater parameters to electronic medical record systems (i.e. Epic & Cerner)


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