Don’t Complicate Clean.


The MCH-1000 series combines simplified cleaning with safety-conscious design.

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Simplified Cleaning

  • Simple, easy-to-follow fill/prime/flush method

  • User-friendly priming

  • Clean in half the time of competitor

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Easy Access to Water Path

  • Open tank design

  • Visually inspect water quality

  • No entrained air to harbor hydrophobic bacteria

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Quarterly Cleaning Procedure

  • Clean your MCH every 3 months

  • No weekly draining of units required

  • More time for patient care


Cost to Clean: MCH-1000(i) vs. Competitor

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Cost comparison assumes cleaning interval per respective IFU:
Cleaning Procedure Time, MCH-1000(i): 45 min/unit (quarterly).
Cleaning Procedure Time, Competitor: 150 min/unit (bi-weekly) plus tank drain 60 min/unit (bi-weekly)
Single-use residual strips $.42/ea, .2 micron disposable tap-filters: $78/ea



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Cleaning Video

Click here to view the MCH-1000 quarterly cleaning video.

Quarterly Cleaning Procedure

Click here to download the illustrated step-by-step pdf of the MCH-1000 quarterly cleaning procedure.